You have something to say.
Knowledge to convey.
A product or service to explain.
A story to tell.

But it’s not that simple.
You’re busy.

Maybe you don’t have the time (or desire) to organize your thoughts into words.

Maybe you’re not sure the best way to say it.

Or maybe you need a head start. Or a fresh perspective.

That’s where WordPlay comes in: helping you say what you want to say in a way that resonates with you and is meaningful for your audience.

I’m Christine Hollinger, a business and marketing writer and editor and the wordplayer behind WordPlay. I’ve spent the last 25 years helping a wide variety of businesses and nonprofits get their messages across — to other businesses, to clients, to customers, to employees — to whatever audiences they want to reach.

I write all kinds of materials that are read by all kinds of people, but business-to-business writing — professionals talking to other professionals — is what I do most often. Brochures, sales sheets, emails, letters, ads, articles, blog posts, web copy — the kinds of things you and your colleagues and customers read, I write and edit. I also do a lot of writing and editing for my clients’ internal use to help them communicate effectively within their businesses as well as to the outside world.

I’ve been writing professionally for a long time, and my clients appreciate what I bring to their team: clear, engaging, informative communications, done quickly and intelligently. (See the Why WordPlay? scroll up top for some of their comments.)

For a brief tour of my career and qualifications, please click to visit me on LinkedIn: Christine Hollinger